August 17, 2023

Managing Alarms Made Easy: Introducing Green Stack's Game-Changing Alarm Module

Counterbalance is committed to promoting sustainability, resilience, and equity in the built environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to achieve this mission, we are excited to announce the integration of alarm management into our Green Stack platform through the new Alarms and Faults module. This innovative addition enables seamless consolidation of all alarm and fault conditions for your building automation systems. It makes every point alarm or fault condition visible in one place, allowing users to quickly respond to alarms across their entire connected portfolio.

Why are alarms so important?

Proper alarm setup and management within a building automation system is essential for ensuring safe, efficient, and reliable operations. Alarms monitor critical systems, promptly alerting operators to anomalies and potential issues and enabling swift corrective actions. Effective alarm management reduces downtime, improves energy efficiency, and supports data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to the overall success of building operations. However, in large buildings and multi-site environments with multiple building automation systems, managing alarms becomes complex due to the potential for overload, standardization issues, and notification fatigue.

To address these unique challenges, we've developed a comprehensive alarm management solution that seamlessly captures and annunciates alarm and fault conditions across your connected sites and makes them all available in a consolidated, user-friendly interface. 

Consolidated alarm management made easy

Once you've deployed a Green Stack edge gateway, alarm and fault conditions for managed points in your Green Stack account are automatically handled without any additional configuration. Events are annunciated and classified based on their configured BACnet notification class priority and magically appear in the Green Stack console. To make things even easier, Green Stack detects the BACnet intrinsic alarm properties of points to automatically annunciate and acknowledge point alarms and faults based on these settings. No additional setup is required! 

The consolidated Alarms and Faults module lands in the Green Stack console on August 24th. Click here to get started and see for yourself what Green Stack can do to improve your daily building operations.

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