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We make buildings easier to operate so they can be managed better and consume less

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We endeavor to make your building more efficient, automated, and user-friendly

Our purpose is to develop equitable products that reduce the environmental impact of the built environment and improve the human experience. The world doesn't need another "smart building" platform, we need a whole new way of thinking. Let's join forces to transform how we manage buildings and usher in a future where every cog in the system is connected and optimized for the greater good.


The platform powering better-connected buildings. Green Stack is an agile building management framework that revolutionizes how you connect, integrate, and control your facilities.

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A better understanding of the built environment

The deeper your knowledge about how your facilities operate and what keeps them ticking, the more power you have to keep them running at their best every day.

Meaningful ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Today's building engineers crave technology that can turbocharge their facilities' efficiency, without leaving their wallets feeling lighter or their to-do lists feeling longer.

Secure and protect your mission-critical systems

In a tech-driven world that never sleeps, building owners must lock down and vigilantly watch over their systems, all while streamlining accessibility and usability.


Collaborate. Innovate. Revolutionize. Together, we can pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

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